Ambiguous figures and/or performance notes

Backward Sway | Upper Beam | Forward Swivel | Lower Bound I, II, III
The publication is a score of performative action developed in correspondance with the exhibition and performance which has now been re-composed as a textual choreographed language:

It is a publication of semantic delight where any level of discourse have been prevented from claiming authority and presents us with meaning that moves across the page as the eyes take the lead.


Selected pages from the chapbooks, index samples and postscript Ambiguous figures and/or performance notes.
Edition of 100 artist books, each three chapbooks + postscript, 48 pages, offset printed on Colorit sand brown and misty grey
within a
handmade slipcase of light blue raw vapour barrier.
Published by Forlaget Gestus, 2019, launched at Bladr (CPH) and photographed by Jenny Sundby

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