September 2023
Performative workshop Vandbærerne w. Maj Horn 

May – July 2023
Artist in residence: Statens Værksteder for Kunst (Danish Art Workshops)

October – December 2022
Sine sole sileo | duo exhibition with Martin Herold | Galerie SPZ, Prague, CZ

September – October 2022
Solkräm på granit | group exhibition | Molekyl Gallery, Malmö SE

September 2022
Hommage á Erik Dietman | group exhibition | One Room One Day, ADDO Malmö SE

May – July 2022
A day rinsed out floods the waves at night | duo exhibition with Edit Oderbolz | Mayday, Basel, CH

June 2022
Accademia di Danimarca – Det danske Institut i Rom | Residency, Rome, IT

May 2022
Article about recent work by Dilpreet Bhullar, STIRworld

April – May 2022
Fera | group exhibition | Sans Souci, Dyrehavsbakken, DK

March 2022
Artist in residence: Statens Værksteder for Kunst (Danish Art Workshops)

November 2021 – January 2022
Něžná | group exhibition | Karlin Studios, Prague, CZ

December 2021
Honorary Award, Niels Wessel Bagges Kunstfond, DK

November – December 2021
Small Sculptures | group exhibition | Sharp Projects, Copenhagen, DK

Oktober 2021
Six questions with Tique | Publication on Contemporary Art (Interview)

August 2021
Long tongue, odd song | duo presentation with Eau Pernice | Haven 20, CPH, DK

July 2021
aniso∙lepido∙di∙hymeno-ptera | solo exhibition and AIR | Kunshal Kongegården, KGX, Korsør, DK

June – July 2021
an oval, a vowel, an e | solo exhibition | Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon, Videbæk, DK

May – June 2021
Artist in residence: Statens Værksteder for Kunst (Danish Art Workshops)

May 2021
On-hold | group show stored by Johan Nahoj | Alta Art Space, Malmö, SE

April 2021
Podcasts, Absalon Radio AIR, KBH, DK

October – November 2020
Artist in residence: Statens Værksteder for Kunst (Danish Art Workshops)

June 2020
Talent Price, Carl Nielsen og Anne Marie Carl Nielsens legat, DK

January – July 2020
Maumaus Independent Study Programme, Lisbon, PT

30 November 2019
Book release: Bladr, Copenhagen, DK

27 September 2019
Artist talk: Q-O2, Brussels, BE

September 2019
Artist in residence: Q-O2, Brussels, BE

August – September 2019
Work desk residency: Art Hub Copenhagen with Forlaget Gestus, DK

June 2019 
Bladdernut Hum | Solo exhibition, Gallery Prám, Prague, CZ

May – June 2019
Artist in residence: PRAM, Prague, CZ

February 2019
Backward Sway | Upper Beam | Forward Swivel | Lower Bound
solo exhibition and performance, Forlaget Gestus
, TeaK, Helsinki, FI

February 2019
Artist in residence: HIAP Villa Eläintarha, Helsinki, FI

February – March 2019
Tail and Heads (Uodega ir galvos) | Group exhibition, CAC – Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, LT

Oktober – December 2018
Artist in residence: Statens Værksteder for Kunst (Danish Art Workshops) 

September 2018
Contributing to Lowland Art Magazine Issue 4, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart 40 years jubilee

August – September 2018
Mark My Words | Group exhibition, NOT QUITE, SE

July – August 2018
Residens Paviljongen | Litterärt residens sommaren 2018, Göteborg, SE

16 July 2018
Scissors – – cutting through | Public spaces in Copenhagen, DK
Founded and organized by artist Vladas Suncovas

June 2018
A poem should be read in sequence | Assembly
A collaborative project by Yen Noh (KR) and Janine Schranz (CH) with curator Ilse Lafer (AT)
Vorbrenner, BRUX / Freies Theater Innsbruck, AT

May 2018
another landscape, and another tongue | group exhibition, Delfi, Malmö (SE)

April 2018
Literally there | Duo exhibition, with Signe Boe at Kiosk, NIDA, LT

28 March 2018
Thinking in layers | Artist talk, Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT

10 – 11 March 2018
The reader, the writer and the robot | Workshop, Bibliothek Andreas Züst
with The Reading School (Hanna Bergman), CH

January – April 2018
Artist in residence: Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, DE–reload

December 2017
Review of La Robe Chinoise Vol. 1, Delfi (In Swedish)

November 2017
Artist in residence: Nida Art Colony, LT

August 2017
Artist in residence: Can Serrat, ES

May 2017
Artist in residence: The Danish Institute at Athens, GR