Backward sway Upper beam Forward swivel Lower bound
Artist book published by Forlaget Gestus (excerpt 2019)

A poem should be read in sequence
Assembly and performance (2018)

Scissors – – – cutting through
Choreography in public space (2018)

The reader the writer and the robot
Workshop with Hanna Bergman (2018)

A mat:
Workshop with Signe Boe (2018)

MFA thesis
Seemingly so contained… by Marie Raffn (2016)

BFA essay
Jeg blændes i nætter med sne by Marie Raffn (English translation, 2014)

Two podcasts
Absalon Radio AIR (2021)

MFA statement
by Filipa Oliveiras (2016)

Recension of La Robe Chinoise Vol 1
Intressant visuell essä by Thomas Millroth (2017)

That’s what she said
Interview with Marie Raffn and Signe Boe by Anna Vestergaard Jørgensen (2017)