Artists’ Books by Thomas Millroth
Presentation of two of my artists’ books by Thomas Millroth (2021)

Backward sway Upper beam Forward swivel Lower bound
Artist book published by Forlaget Gestus (excerpt 2019)

Edition available at Mayday
Edition in relation to the exhibition at Mayday (2022)

A poem should be read in sequence
Assembly and performance (2018)

Scissors – – – cutting through
Choreography in public space (2018)

The reader the writer and the robot
Workshop with Hanna Bergman (2018)

A mat:
Workshop with Signe Boe (2018)

MFA thesis
Seemingly so contained… by Marie Raffn (2016)

BFA essay
Jeg blændes i nætter med sne by Marie Raffn (English translation, 2014)

Article in Sydsvenskan (excerpts)
 Sydsvenskan Kultur (2022)
Two podcasts
Absalon Radio AIR (2021)

MFA statement
by Filipa Oliveiras (2016)

Recension of La Robe Chinoise Vol 1
Intressant visuell essä by Thomas Millroth (2017)

That’s what she said
Interview with Marie Raffn and Signe Boe by Anna Vestergaard Jørgensen (2017)