aniso ∙ lepido ∙ di ∙ hymeno – ptera

“Fallen, immense insect wings change form intrinsically, and hybridize relationally and extrinsically with each other.
A kind of mosaic, modular evolution mixes and matches flowing wings, creating new emergent forms and patterns, that can perhaps more appropriately and inventively meet challenges of new environments.”

di∙hymeno-ptera, aniso∙di-ptera, lepidoptera group (bluish), diptera, (mosaic wings, fallen)
Anisoptera pair, separated (purple brownish mega wings), purple brownish anisoptera (mega wing), fallen
Mitochondrion, sliced
The drawings attempt to catch the flight of the insects by marking the outline of displaced wings from the exhibition space.

from Aniso∙lepido∙di∙hymeno-ptera,
end-of-residency-exhibition at Kunsthal Kongegaarden KGX, Korsør

Documentation by Jenny Sundby

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