and an ant and. and an aunt and

“And an ant and. And an aunt and.” (2014 (2021)), concrete poetry with accompanying reading, 25 min. loop at the group exhibition ON-HOLD stored by Johan Nahoj, Alta Art Space, Malmö (May 2021).
Documentation by Olof Nimar (2021)

“The shelf is a shelter and a shell, a body and a landscape, a frame and platform, a container of knowledge, a placeholder for thoughts,
storage for past and future, a carrier of images, a depot, a thing to lean against, lie on top of, be forced into, hung from, delicitaly placed on – a show off, and a hideout – a place for rest and inventory.
(an ant step; an and; an use-to-be; a squeeze; beads; knots; drip; knit; drops; one icicle; barrels; mispels; handles; a slogan; a girl; a hand; pillar; rubber; two flowers; some yarrow)”

With contributions by Olof Broström, Kah-Bee Chow, Ingrid Furre, Helen Haskakis, Carl-Oskar Jonsson, Ellinor Lager, Olof Marsja, David Nilson, Olof Nimar, Anne-Marte Overaa, Marie Raffn and Titus Wonsey.

The work is also a part of the exhibition That’s what she said


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