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Launch between rows / Bash to Bash Balestra (excerpt)


Essay about the exhibition:

“The first note about my contact with Marie’s work is that her essay is excellent. This relationship with words is then omnipresent in her studio work and although she works across different media it is the work with language that seems to me to be more consistent, more compelling and unique. The artist books she has done are truly great. Her interest in concrete poetry transpires in many works and is recurrent. Word games, puzzles, language systems and translation are at the core of an important part of her work. Her though process is quite complex and the visualization she does of this process – a series of mind maps – is quite impactful although she has chosen to consider these as non-artistic projects. The work she presented for her final exhibition in a way moves away from the work mentioned before. In the exhibition, she puts together two apparently antagonist activities: fencing and knitting. The video is very well done technically and having the soundtrack done by the sound of knitting needles is quite interesting… She has a very rich and conceptually strong project that is worth congratulating.”

By Filipa Oliveiras 2016

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